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DeepStack Championship Poker Series 2019 Event #136 $200 NLH SuperStack $9K GTD. Konstantin Polin, Las Vegas, NV, $4,136. Yeray Mesa De Armas, France, $17,000.

$ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold'em 2009 Deep Stack Extravaganza III, Las Vegas 39th $ 912 04-Apr-2009: Spain: € 300 + 30 No Limit Hold'em 2009 Spanish Poker Tour - Sevilla, Sevilla 2nd € 2,700 $ 3,571 31-May-2008: Spain: € 600 + 60 No Limit Hold'em III Campeonato de España de Poker 2008 … Cheap buy-ins, deep structures. Each MEGASTACK event comes with a massive starting stack guaranteed, allowing you to take your time at the tables. Register now and enjoy a great poker experience at an affordable buy-in, and see if you can turn a MEGASTACK into a mega prize! Eine Internationale Poker Tour: Perfekte Poker Reiseziele - gute Erreichbarkeit (Billigfluggesellschaft), tolle Städte, Professionelles Poker Umfeld. If that’s not enough for you A Deep Prizepool: For the first time, DSO pays 12% of players instead of the usual 10% – that means more players can enjoy a great poker weekend! 18% to 20% of the prize pool will go to the winner. venetian deep stack poker results Other players also have these three options and can make a decision based on the strength of their hand if everyone folded until them.Every serious Game Master must have one in their dice bag. PKR Turnier 32649793 Netzwerk :PKR Turnier-ID: 32649793 Name:$1,000 Home Game (Deep Stack) Teilnehmer:72 Buy-In:18.2 Hausanteil:1.8 Währung:USD Spieltyp:Hold'em Struktur:No Limit Markierungen:Deep Stack

Poker Tournament Summary The heads-up battle in the 888.nj WSOP Bracelet Event #22 - $500 NLH Turbo Deepstack [2x Re-entry] featured treeoflife taking on shipthemoney. In the end, treeoflife emerged victorious and cashed for $120.082,95. Poker Player Hits treeoflife participated in 2 similar poker tournaments.

$ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold'em 2009 Deep Stack Extravaganza III, Las Vegas 39th $ 912 04-Apr-2009: Spain: € 300 + 30 No Limit Hold'em 2009 Spanish Poker Tour - Sevilla, Sevilla 2nd € 2,700 $ 3,571 31-May-2008: Spain: € 600 + 60 No Limit Hold'em III Campeonato de España de Poker 2008 - Sevilla, Sevilla DeepStack bridges the gap between AI techniques for games of perfect information—like checkers, chess and Go—with ones for imperfect information games–like poker–to reason while it plays using “intuition” honed through deep learning to reassess its strategy with each decision. Mar 19, 2019 · Check out the full 2019 summer schedule for the Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series with buy-ins from $200 to $5,000 and $24 million guaranteed. Finalmente el mexicano logró un cobro de US$29,327 mientras que algunos puestos más abajo también destacó Ignacio Morón en la 11ª posición con un premio de US$11,270. Resultados Evento #16 – US$ 2,200 No Limit Hold’em. 1° Dominique Mosley – US$140,342 2° Nadya Magnus – US$93,566 3° Steven Veneziano – US$68,723

Deep Stack Poker Friday Session Times Sandgate Hawks $100 Cash + Vouchers Rego 11am Big Fish Tavern Jackpot Prize Pool Rego 5.30pm Club Chermside - Chermside Bowls Club $300 Cash Rego 6pm Pine Rivers United SC $300 Prize Pool Rego 6pm Sunnybank Bowls Club $200 Cash Rego 6pm $5 Double Up option at the start of all games New Game This Sunday @ Bracken Ridge Tavern Rego 6pm $33 Buy in, $5 Double

📕 Get My Free Poker Cheat Sheet: you have trouble playing deep stack poker?If so in this video I am going to May 30, 2013 · The Venetian Deep Stack Extraveganza III has kicked off it’s series of more than 200 events running all summer long on the Strip. The Card Player Poker Tour has partnered with the property to

Muchas veces el jugador de poker se concentra en los llamados «fantasmas» que lo llevan a tomar malas decisiones en las mesas. A lo largo del tiempo, jugadores, escuelas y coachs de poker han tratado de demostrar que un buen enfoque es olvidarse de los resultados o gráficas y pensar en el largo plazo.

Aug 18, 2018 · best video poker las vegas; videos de poker de reinas; tales of xillia 2 poker; palm beach kennel club poker tournaments; oar crazy game of poker lyrics; poker night 2 borderlands 2 items; how to play poker in vegas; how many chips do you get in poker; full flush poker bonus code; lake cumberland poker run pictures; difference between poker and It was an interesting discussion, so this month I decided to elaborate on general deep stack concepts. I guess I’ll start by saying a deep stack is usually over 200bb’s. When stacks are this deep the focus shifts from starting hands that can flop top pair, top kicker to trying to flop the nuts or close to it. El nuevo Deep Stack Godzilla vuelve a Madero Poker del 25 al 29 de enero, con stack inicial de 45.000 puntos + 5.000 puntos extra para aquellos jugadores que ingresen antes de finalizar el nivel 2. Las ciegas son de 40 y 50 minutos los días 1, de 60 el día 2 y 70 el día final. MAIN EVENT 25, 26, Parada Temporal de Resultados de Poker CLASSIC POKER 70+10€ FREEZOUT 21/01/2012 2,700 € 41 JUGADORES 1 CABALEIRO GONZALEZ, MARIA 1,080 € 2 GALAN, CRISTIAN MIHAI 675 € 3 ROCHE PIÑERO, SERGIO MIGUEL 405 € 4 GARRE SANCHEZ, EMILIA 295 € 5 MURIA ARRUFAT, JUAN FRANCISCO 245 €

Caixa de prêmios: €123.165,00; Poker Tournament Summary The SCOOP-08: €50 NL Hold'em [Deep-Stack, Progressive KO] €40,000 Guaranteed was won by n4nop3dro. n4nop3dro beat 2107 players to take home €14.398,78 for his efforts, or 11,7% of the €123.165,00 prize pool. Poker Player Hits

Join our Pro Membership Program: I'm bringing you this video about deep stack poker tournament strategy from Poker Tournament Summary Tournament winner vguacamaya beat out 520 players to win the 3.000€ Deepstack on for €773,95. His win represented 18,9% of the €4.095,00 prize pool.